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Legislative delegation listens to voter issues

Calhoun Countians came from all over with a variety of issues to discuss with State Representative Marti Coley and Senator Al Lawson at a legislative delegation town meeting Monday night. Clerk of Court Ruth Attaway expressed concern over proposed legislation that would eliminate an elected clerk and put the duties of her office under a judiciary program. “A local elected representative in that Clerk’s Office gives you somebody accountable to you,” Attaway remarked, adding that her office provides many services. Both Lawson and Coley agreed to fight the measure. “It was a money grant and the judges went after that money,” said Lawson. Coley said what will work elsewhere in Florida might not be right for our area. “What people all over the state don’t get is it’s very different in a small county than in a large county,” she stated. Hospital administrator Ron Gilliard asked for help on preventing additional Medicaid cuts. School board representatives asked for continued support on funding for the new BHS, as well as future new schools. Coley and Lawson pledged their ongoing support.

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