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Incident at jail last Wednesday; Officer injured in SR-20 collision

On Wednesday evening, May 29, 2024, jail staff received word that some inmates had created homemade weapons (shanks) in one of the pods.  In addition, the inmates had devised a plan to incite a riot and attack a guard inside this specific pod.  Other staff including the Jail Administrator, Captain, Sergeants, and deputies arrived on the scene.  They opened the first door to the pod and allowed inmates to willingly be removed from the cell.  Three inmates (two that are being held on murder charges) refused to come out.  Officers intervened in the situation by deploying chemical agents inside that pod.  Subsequently, the inmates fully cooperated and were controlled.  It was necessary to ventilate the jail at that time.  The inmates were separated into other pods.  The pod in question has been sealed off and the search in this pod and investigation continues.  

In addition, as Sgt. Norris was headed to the jail to assist, a person driving a pickup truck pulling a boat pulled out in front of him at the intersection of Highway 20 and Mason Road causing a traffic crash.  Sgt. Norris was injured and transported to the hospital to be treated for his injuries and was later released.

Calhoun EMS, Jackson EMS, Blountstown PD, Blountstown Fire Department, Nettle Ridge Volunteer Fire Department, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit and other agencies assisted and stood by at the scene.  Calhoun Liberty Hospital was also on stand-by.  

Thank you to all of the agencies who assisted!

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