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Believe it or not, Blountstown High School’s homecoming is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! The school administration has set the week of September 21-25 as Homecoming Week 2009. This year’s theme is TIGER TOWN 2009! A schedule of all activities will be announced as soon as possible. The parade is set for Friday, September 25, at 1:00 p.m. The unofficial theme of this event is “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” As many of you will remember, the parade has been rained out for the past three years. This year’s senior class has NEVER had the pleasure of having a parade. They have, though, suffered the disappointment of seeing their freshman, sophomore, and junior class floats being dismantled without ever being viewed by the other students or the community. Because of this, we are going to work extra hard to make this a very special parade. If you are interested in being a part of this year’s parade, please contact the high school at 674-5724 and leave a message for Sharon Leonard-McCrone. You can, also, send an e-mail message to We would like to make this parade one of the best ever! We are asking community groups, churches, etc., to join us in making this parade special for our students and the community. In hard times like the ones our country is experiencing, public displays of pride in our young people and our schools is even more important than usual. PLEASE CONTACT SHARON WITH ANY IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS!

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