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High Tech Solution to Dual Enrollment for Calhoun County High Schools

By Albert Blackburn Dual Enrollment classes are a great way to get a head start on college while still earning high school credits; however, a certified teacher must be present to instruct the class. Without a certified teacher at Blountstown High School, the county technicians went to work to achieve the goal of using the only certified teacher, Mrs. Sherry Joyner, of Altha Public School, to teach across the county. With both classes equipped with a projector and a video camera, ENC 1101/1102 students tune into the “Sherry Show” every morning at 7:45. This fall students are taking ENC 1101; during the spring semester, students will take ENC 1102. If students take both semesters, they will earn a total of eight English credits for college. These English credits will not cost them, their parents, or their scholarship funds any money. For many students, these eight credits are all the English credits they will require for a four year degree. Mrs. Joyner is excited to teach students at both high schools, and some days out of the week will teach at Blountstown instead of Altha to offer one-on-one attention for the students.

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