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The FCAT SSS test will begin March 9th and continue through March 11th. Juniors and seniors will not be involved during most of the testing. In order to have a sufficient number of administrators and proctors, we will need every available teacher to assist with test administration. For this reason, juniors and seniors will be allowed to report to school later during testing on Tuesday and Wednesday. Test Schedule Tuesday – March 9, Grades 9-10 FCAT Reading SSS; Grades 11-12 FCAT Reading RETAKE Wednesday – March 10, Grades 9 – 10 FCAT Math SSS; Grades 11 – 12 FCAT Math RETAKE Juniors and seniors report at 12:59 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday – March 11, Grade 11 – FCAT Science ALL STUDENTS will attend school on Thursday. March 10 – 18, Make-up Exams

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