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Fox hunt tradition may soon be over in Florida

Irvin and Sherill Janney moved to Calhoun County from Daytona 20 years ago to be near the 750 acre pen where their 21 foxhounds engage in a long standing Florida tradition: fox hunting. However, that sport may soon be ending for good in the Sunshine State. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) voted last Wednesday to temporarily prohibit the chasing of foxes and coyotes in enclosures, while moving forward to draft rules guiding such enclosures in Florida. An executive order prohibiting chasing of foxes and coyotes within an enclosure was set to be issued by today. “Sandsifter’s Fox Pen has been holding field trials for 25 years,” said Sherill Janney. “These fox trials bring in thousands of dollars.” Fox hunting, a sport that goes back to the days of George Washington, is something the Janneys and many of their neighbors who moved here to be near the pen, have enjoyed for many years. Those on the other side of the issue report “cruelty” and “mauling” of the animals. Next week, we’ll take a closer look at this issue and plans for stakeholder meetings with the FWC.

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