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FCCLA Members Return Home Winners

Altha FCCLA members headed to state conference Mar. 24-26 and returned home winners. The following students won in the following events: - Jeffery Waldroff and Cortney Harris, Promote and Publicize, Senior Division, Silver medals - Madison Rowe and Emily Sewell, Entrepreneurship, Junior Division, Gold medals - Jesse Mills and Aubrey Bay, Promote and Publicize, Junior Division, Silver medals - Madelyn Lytle, Storytelling, Junior Division, Silver medal -‘ Brianna Harris, Decorative Foods, Occupational Division, Silver Metal - Deanna Griswold, FCCLA Writes, Short Story, Junior Division, Gold Medal - Justin Terry, Artistic Reflections, Color Photography, Junior Division, Gold Medal - Diana Crocwell, Black and White Drawing, Junior Division, Gold Medal - Chelsea O’Bryan, Black and White Photography, Junior Division, Gold Medal - Brett Floyd, Color Photography, Senior Division, Gold Medal The top three groups listed above (pictured) placed first in their competition and will go to National Competition in Chicago during July this summer. The Entrepreneurship event develops a plan for a small business using Family and Consumer Science skills and sound business practices. Participants must prepare a portfolio containing a written business plan and an oral presentation. Promote and Publicize event develops FCCLA promotion and publicize campaign to raise awareness and education the school, parents, members, and community about the importance of FCCLA and Family and Consumer Science Education. The goal of the event is to provide FCCLA members w/ communication experience to make a difference by increasing membership, developing partnership and gaining Alumni and Associates involvement while gathering school and community support for their chapter. Altha FCCLA will be doing several fundraisers to help raise enough money to take these deserving students to National Competition. Please help when asked. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Marie Granger at Altha Public School. Any donation would be appreciated. If any civic organization would like for one or more of these three groups to present at one of their meetings, they would be glad to. You can contact Altha School, 762-3121.

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