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FCAT Pep Rally

by Brittany Griffin and Kayla Shuler The best class ever to go thru Blountstown High School, (the class of 2010), kicked off FCAT week with the 3rd Annual FCAT Pep Rally on Monday, March 8th. The theme this year was Tiger Idol. The BHS auditorium was rocked with performances with well known artist such as Lil’ Wayne (Lyndom Baker), Miley Cyrus (Lesa Corlett), Madea (Bria Snowden), and the Black-Eyed Peas (Mrs. Howell, Mrs. White, Mrs. Strong, and Mrs. Taylor). Straight from Hollywood came our three celebrity judges, Simon Cowell, (Jacob Harden), Trya Banks (Sasha Simmons), and Fez from That 70’s Show (Tarak Amin). During commercial breaks, underclassmen were shown products to prepare them for the FCAT such as a Richard Simmons (Ashley Adams) workout video, Blue Collar Comedy Four (Michael Leonard, Jason Money, John Jourdan and Michale Gibson) and a pencil commercial reminding students not to forget their number two pencils. The Black-Eyed Peas and the Senior class closed the show with a remake to the hit song “I Got a Feeling”. Students and teachers were not only entertained but motivated to take on the FCAT!

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