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Explosion of fun at 4-H Summer Camps

Liberty County 4-H ended summer camps with a bang! Environmental Ed day camp was held Aug. 2 with Mr. David Cook from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Office. He brought spiders, snakes, frogs, turtles and an alligator. Mr. Ben Knowles, 4-H Agent from the Jackson County Extension Office, shared the process of dissecting crickets, looking at insects under a microscope and about the most abundant and vital molecule on earth – water. Campers headed to Wakulla Springs Aug. 3 for a river boat cruise to see more of wonderful Florida wildlife including the Florida Manatee. A cold swim in the springs, lunch, and ice cream followed. The final camp of the summer was Silly Science on August 9 & 10. Camp began with several hands-on science experiments with Mrs. Cathia Schmarje, then a visit to the FSU Magnetic Lab in Tallahassee. Thanks to the following for making this year’s day camp fun, educational, and the best ever. Thank you Mr. Michael Collins from the Liberty County Health Department, on sharing about respect and trust for each other and themselves; Mr. Gar Revell, of Fish Talks Bait and Tackle for his donations of crickets for both our day camps; Mrs. Joni Read for letting us use our kayaks at her lake property; The Gulf Specimen Marine Lab, Mary Brogan Museum, Wakulla Springs; Mr. David Cook – Fish and Wild life Conservation Commission Office; Mr. Ben Knowles-Jackson County 4-H Agent; The FSU Magnetic Lab and tour guide Carlos.

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