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Edwards Thanks BMS

SOLDIER SENDS FLAG TO BMS: Tommy and Debbie Edwards of Blountstown, the parents of Lt. Col. Ty Edwards who was injured in Afghanistan back in October, were on hand at Blountstown Middle School Thursday for the 8th grade graduation ceremony. The couple is shown with BMS Principal Neva Miller (right) and the flag Ty sent to BMS, along with a letter thanking students for their support of a project he started in Afghanistan to help school children. The Edwards received a standing ovation after Miller read the letter to the crowd. Ty remains in a Tampa hospital where he is being rehabilitated after his injuries. His letter follows: To the students and faculty at Blountstown Middle School: Thank you for all of your prayers, thoughts, and support since my injury. When I first arrived in Afghanistan, I began a school supplies drive in order to help the Afghani school children. As you know, in October, I was wounded. For the past few months, I have been in rehab and now school children like you have been helping me. Children from near and far have sent me cards, posters, and letters. Children have said prayers and held fundraisers – as you did. I am so humbled by all of the things you have done. I want to present this flag to the Blountstown Middle School students with my sincerest thanks and appreciation from myself and my family. This flag was flown in Afghanistan over the area where I was stationed. When you see this flag and every American flag, remember what a great country we live in and how important it is to cherish our freedom. With warmest regards, Ty Edwards

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