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Do You Know Your Neighbors? Be Aware of Local Sex Offenders and Predators

BY KELLI PEACOCK DUNN News Editor Do you know your neighbors? Is there a sexual offender or predator on your street? A resource is available to help Florida residents be aware of any residents in their area who have been convicted of sex related crimes. The purpose is not to encourage anyone to engage in vigilante justice; these individuals have already been convicted and sentenced in a court of law. However, this resource has been provided to help you safeguard your children from someone who could possibly be tempted to re-offend. Here is a step by step guide to checking out the sex offenders and predators in Calhoun and Liberty counties: -Click this link to access the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s sexual offender and predator search page: -Select “Standard” under the “Offender search” section of the page -Leaving the name and city blank, scroll down four spaces and select “Calhoun” for offender’s county of residence (or “Liberty” if you are checking offenders in Liberty County), then click “Search” -As of today, there are five pages with 40 sexual offenders and two predators listed in Calhoun County and three pages with 24 offenders and three predators in Liberty County. Check the addresses to see who is in your area (or search by neighborhood from the main search page). Click “View flyer” under each offender to read specific charges and aliases, along with other details of the offender’s case. Check out the July 13 print edition for some safety tips from FDLE to share with your children.

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