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Details on Arrest of Trooper, Former Dispatcher

A Florida Highway Patrol Trooper and former Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher were arrested Monday afternoon in Bay County. Phillip Spaziante, 35, formerly of Altha, and Tamera Rasmussen, 32, a Blountstown native, have both been charged with domestic battery. According to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, Spaziante and Rasmussen were in an on-again/off-again relationship and began living together in Youngstown on June 5. The pair had reportedly resided together in the past and Spaziante told authorities he allowed Rasmussen to move back in just to help her out. However, he had her sign a paper stating she was “merely a guest” and could be asked to leave at any time. Spaziante said they argued Sunday night. On Monday afternoon, he said he told her he would no longer be sharing a bed with her. As he began to prepare a bed upstairs in a different room, Rasmussen allegedly tossed his mattress out the window. When he retrieved it, she reportedly soaked it with water. Spaziante alleged she attacked him, but denied striking back at her. He said he placed her in handcuffs and called for help on his FHP radio. Spaziante showed investigators a video he had taped on his phone. The Bay County Sheriff’s Office report notes, “The video shows Mr. Spaziante in the kitchen area taunting Ms. Rasmussen who then goes at Mr. Spaziante in what appears to be an attempt to get his phone. The video goes black, however, the audio portion continues up the stairs where you can hear them struggling with each other. At one point, you can hear Mr. Spaziante state Ms. Rasmussen hit him in the face and she states, ‘Yes, I did.’ Just after this, you hear the sounds of Mr. Spaziante forcing Ms. Rasmussen on the floor, him placing her in the hand restraints, and then forcing her down the stairs. The phone being left upstairs, the audio goes blank and the useful portion of the video/audio ends.” Rasmussen told authorities things had been going well between them until she told Spaziante she was pregnant a few days prior. Rasmussen alleged Spaziante struck her in the head with his fist the previous night and she had retreated to the basement. She said he later apologized, but another argument erupted the following morning when he told her she needed to move out. Both were booked into the Bay County Jail Monday and released following first appearance Tuesday afternoon.

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