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Debra Perdue is featured teacher

by Jake Money Walk into Debra Perdue’s room at Blountstown High School and you can just smell the technology. Debra Perdue has been teaching Computing Technology for 11 years. Before that, she taught at the Middle and Adult Schools. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Technology from Florida A&M University. Mrs. Perdue says while she was working as BHS secretary, she realized that she liked working with teachers and students. The school had gotten their first computers, and she assisted some of the teachers and students in learning how to use them. That was the best feeling in the world to her; to see their excitement in learning something new. This inspired her to go back to college and pursue a degree in Business Technology. Soon after, she came back and became a teacher at Blountstown High School. In addition to her Business Education classes, Mrs. Perdue is a Sophomore Class sponsor and the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) sponsor. She also serves as the Diversified Career Technology (DCT) teacher and is the Dual Enrollment teacher for a Computer Systems Technology Program that offers A+ Certification. Mrs. Perdue is married to James Perdue and they have three daughters; Kami, Alisha, and Harlea and one granddaughter Emmaleigh. Mrs. Perdue has many hobbies; listening to Contemporary Christian music, watching classic TV shows, and reading- especially when it comes to the Bible, her favorite book. “It is as applicable today as it was the day it was written.” When the business and hectic activities and responsibilities of being a teacher have died down a bit, Mrs. Perdue enjoys going on vacation. Her preferred “vacation location” is Europe, namely Germany. She likes going there with her family and exploring all the castles and cathedrals. A day at the beach with her granddaughter is also a favorite pastime and enjoyable treat. Knowing Mrs. Perdue, she can be strict at times, but it’s all out of love for her students. She cares for each one of us, and is willing to go the extra mile to help us learn what we need to know to make it in the world of business and technology.

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