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County has Blountstown Boat Landing nearly complete

If you haven’t driven down River Street to the Blountstown Boat Landing in the past couple of weeks, you need to go take a look.  After almost four years of waiting for improvements to the landing to be completed,  they almost are.

High river levels had originally caused delays. Then came Covid followed by high inflation and supply shortages which forced the original contractor to request a $300,000+ change order.

The Board of County Commissioners elected to get the job done themselves.  With the help of the Calhoun County Road Department,  with the direction of County Maintenance Director Tim Jenks and Commissioner Gene Bailey, the project should be totally completed within the next two weeks.

“The day after Labor Day we started prepping for pouring concrete.  Jamie Stephens and his crew had that done by the 15th.  We’ve prepped the side of the ramp for steel pillars and we’re awaiting a price for asphalt paving to complete the project,” Commissioner Bailey stated.

Completion of  the landing will cost the county approximately $60,000.00.

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