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County brings Replenysh to Panhandle to help keep recyclables out of landfills

Replenysh helps communities monetize their recyclable materials and connect them directly with brands for reuse — instead of going to the landfill.

Calhoun County, FL— Sep 23, 2022 – Replenysh launches this week in Calhoun County, enabling all residents and businesses to keep recyclable materials out of the landfill and support local organizations.

When consumers are done with a product, the first question most ask is “what should I do with this?.” If you choose to recycle it, you may have wondered where it went and what it was turned into. This lack of transparency, coupled with rising costs from recycling providers has resulted in declining trust, low participation, and 75%+ of materials ending up in the landfill. The current way of doing things is unable to support brands of the future building circularity by using recycled materials to make new products.

Replenysh solves these problems by offering a suite of tools designed to uplift communities through the monetization of their recyclable materials and products, and connect them directly with brand partners building circular supply chains. It’s called circularity, and Calhoun County Recycling has adopted this new way of doing things.

“Our goal is to make it easy & worthwhile for everyone to do the right thing every time they’re done using a product. The first step is helping communities across the country understand the value of their materials and show them how simple it is to get them back to the brands who need them,” said Clark Dinnison, Head of Product at Replenysh.

There are two ways to participate in Replenysh. Most residents will simply enjoy having a free, convenient, and trusted way to keep their materials out of the landfill and ensure they get reused by brands. Secondly, local businesses are encouraged to become host locations, collecting materials from their customers, staff or neighbors to increase their impact. Hosts have complete control over which material types they accept and whether they want to accept materials from the public or remain private. Calhoun County Recycling will provide free super sacks to collect materials and provide pickup when full.

With Replenysh, all materials must remain separated by type, instead of everything combined in one bin. This ensures the value is maintained and can be reused by brand partners. To help with this education, Replenysh provides quick and informative videos on their website to learn about each material type they support.

To join Replenysh (it’s free), go to or download the mobile app for iOS or Android. You will be able to view nearby dropoff locations and track the positive impact Calhoun County Recycling is making. To become a host location, visit

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