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Coach’s Corner – November 30 2022

The Tigers traveled to Sneads for a 3rd round playoff game and a regional championship! After a back and forth first half with the Tigers leading 21-14, the second half was all Tigers! The Tigers found our footing on defense and limited big plays while the offense kept grinding away at Snead’s front 7. The Tigers pulled away for a 49-14 win to end Sneads season at 11-1. The Tigers advance to the state semis final 4 this week at Hawthorne.
My statement regarding the after the game incident. We uphold our players to the highest of standards. We shake hands after wins and losses and are expected to handle ourselves appropriately.  Football is a game of high emotions and sometimes they get the best of us. Hopefully all players will learn from this unfortunate incident moving forward. Any of our players found to be at fault will be dealt with.
Back to this coming week. The state reseeds the final 4 after the regional finals. We travel to Hawthorne and Union County goes to Northview. The Tigers are one of the top 4 teams in class 1A and deservingly so. We have faced adversity, overcame a brutal regular season schedule and won 3 playoff games to get where we are. I’m so proud of these kids for how far they have come since mid season. Kickoff at Hawthorne will be 6:30 CST! Hope to see you there GO TIGERS!

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