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City tackles issues

The Blountstown City Council is tackling several issues this month. Here’s the lowdown: - The city took up the the Dogwood Estates paving project, dealing with the subdivision developed by former Council member Steve Bailey. A $91,000 bid for paving the roads is on the table City Manager James Woods noted the city owns the roads and stormwater facility and is responsible. Councilman David Blair stated the city’s code requires developers to be responsible for all infrastructure. A lengthy discussion ensued. The matter was tabled pending more research. - A severance pay package for the city manager has been proposed by Mayor Winston Deason. The mayor stated it should already have been in place. The package is estimated at $42,000 with benefits. A proposed contract is being drafted. - Councilman Blair is proposing golf cart policies allowing carts to be driven on streets with certain restrictions.

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