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City hires a full-time officer to enforce codes

The City of Blountstown Police Department has employed a full-time Code Enforcement Officer, Timothy Partridge, who will be enforcing the rules and regulations inside the city. The purpose of the Code Enforcement Officer is to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the City of Blountstown through an effective Code Enforcement program. Some of the issues Ofc. Partridge will addressing will be: - Derelict vehicles which includes wrecked, partially dismantled, no valid tag, or abandonment - Accumulation of untended growth including weeds and overgrown grass - Unfit/unsafe structures including dwellings or structures that are unstable or unsanitary - Abandoned, discarded, or unused objects including lumber, autos, furniture, appliances, cans or containers - Maintaining a nuisance inside the city The Code Enforcement Officer will be able to provide guidance on the methods to correct the violation and provide a copy of the violation. As a Code Enforcement Officer, his goal will be voluntary compliance and working with individuals to correct the problems. Call the BPD at 674-5987 for more info.

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