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Christine Falling featured on ‘Deadly Women’

Blountstown serial killer Christine Falling is being featured on an episode of “Deadly Women”, a show on the Investigation Discovery (ID) network. Falling, 46, began serving a life sentence at Homestead Correctional Institution in December 1982 for three counts of first degree murder. The episode details Falling’s days as a babysitter during which several children died in her care, along with an elderly man. Initially, Falling was described as a “victim of circumstance” when authorities couldn’t link her to the deaths. However, when 10 week old Travis Coleman died, it was clear he had been smothered and authorities began re-examining the other cases, leading to her arrest. Interviewed on the show is Buddy Smith who served as Calhoun County Sheriff at the time of Falling’s arrest. There are three cases featured on this episode with Falling’s being the last one re-enacted. Check local listings for airtimes.

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