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Charges dropped against Craig Yon

Charges have been dropped against an Altha man accused of writing threatening letters to Sheriff David Tatum. Robert Craig Yon, 45, was arrested last April on charges of “written threats to kill”. He was booked into the Calhoun County Jail the same day he was released from Washington Correctional Institution in Chipley after serving time for aggravated battery. He has remained in custody at the county jail ever since. According to an affidavit filed by Steve Mears, Jr. of the State Attorney’s Office, Yon sent a total of 55 letters to Sheriff Tatum between the dates of Feb. 13, 2006, and April 21, 2009 – just a week before his scheduled release from state prison. The letters reportedly contained threats to harm Sheriff Tatum. The one sent April 21 noted, “Classification advised I have 48 hours to check in. I will see you 48 minutes from here directly…I may or may not wait until 5-2-09 (Depot Open House) to advance…” On Nov. 7, 2008, he referred to arranging “snatching” and stated, “I don’t think anyone wants to get any taller the way I have in mind.” Other letters made reference to “snatching, shifting, yanking, and twisting.” Yon also spoke of being placed on “control release supervision” when he was released from prison and stated, “I (and others) will also be on TV.” Yon went before Circuit Judge Brantley Clark last Wednesday with a motion to dismiss the charges, alleging the letters “do not constitute threats to kill or to do bodily harm.” Judge Clark granted the motion to dismiss and Yon was released from jail.

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