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Cat® simulators purchased for Altha and Blountstown Agriculture classes

The Calhoun County School District purchased two Cat® Simulators with Hydraulic Excavator/Advance Construction Excavator software for the Agriculture classes at Altha Public School and Blountstown High School using grant funds.  

The Cat® heavy equipment simulators and curriculum for the Technical Agricultural Operations classes at Altha Public School and Blountstown High School were purchased to get students interested, in a career, in construction.  The simulators have proven to be very effective tools to engage students.  The interface is ‘teen friendly’ and appeals to 21st century learners.

Heavy equipment operation is an integral part of everyday life.  Many students have parents and other family members working in these industries. The simulators give students confidence and motivation to pursue similar career paths.  Throughout the construction industry there is a need for workers who can operate heavy equipment.  Agriculture teachers, Richard Hall (Altha) and Charles Williams (Blountstown) were trained by the Cat® Trainer, Tyler Kuehn last week.

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