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Carr Middle School Receives FFA Charter Membership

Carr Middle School has received charter membership from the state and national FFA organization. New members of Carr FFA competed in the district forestry contest on October 15, in Marianna at the Florida Caverns State Park. The A Team placed first in the middle school competition and the B Team also competed. Students were tested in several areas of forestry which included: general knowledge, equipment identification, tree identification, map interpretation, forest disorders, and timber cruising. Several students were recognized for individual awards in these areas as follows: General Knowledge- 1st- April Rich, 2nd- J.P. Leonard, 3rd- Allie Dawsey Equipment Identification- 1st- Cassie Odom, 2nd- J.P. Leonard, 3rd- April Rich Tree Identification- 1st- J.P. Leonard. 2nd- April Rich, 3rd- Savannah Stephens Map Interpretation- 1st- Savannah Stephens, 2nd- Cassie Odom, 3rd- April Rich Forest Disorders- 1st- J.P. Leonard Timber Cruising- 2nd- Missy Newsome

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