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Carpenter files suit against sheriff & deputies

The 2008 election is old news, but an incident that allegedly occurred during that campaign season has resulted in a court battle. Michael Carpenter, who ran for the Calhoun County sheriff’s post, filed suit in federal court Thursday against Sheriff David Tatum, Sgt. Mark “Kipper” Mallory and Dep. Eddie Dalton. The complaint references a drug raid in October 2008 during which Sgt. Mallory and Dep. Dalton allegedly had a photo taken in front of a vehicle that had a Carpenter campaign sign on it as Mallory held up a bag of seized marijuana. “This photograph communicated a number of malicious statements – all of which are defamatory,” the complaint reads. “At a minimum, Defendants intended to communicate that Plaintiff condoned the use of marijuana, used marijuana himself, or was indifferent to criminal activity.” Check out this week’s print edition for the complete story.

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