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Calhoun County 4-H Summer Camp Health Rocks!

Did you know that if you drink just two 12 oz cans of soda a day for one month, you would have to walk over 100 miles to burn off the extra calories? This is just one of the surprises that lay in store for participants in a two-day 4-H day camp for Calhoun County youth last week. The camp was led by teen counselors and focused on healthy living. Topics included portion control, wise food choices when eating out, wise drink choices, hydration, sun safety, safe exercise and more. Youth enjoyed playing exercise bingo, water games, guessing how much added sugar is in different drinks, and making sun safety bracelets from UV sensitive, color changing beads. They even learned fun rainy day activities and ideas for healthier snacks. Campers and counselors all had a great time and several reported a renewed commitment to living a healthier, more active lifestyle. For more information on Calhoun County 4-H or to volunteer with 4-H, please call the Calhoun County Extension Office at 674-8323. “The Foundation for the Gator Nation” an Equal Opportunity Institution.

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