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Bristol man is mauled by pack of bulldogs

A Bristol man is fortunate to be alive following an attack by a pack of bulldogs. Craig Brinkley says he was taking his afternoon walk around Lake Mystic last week when four dogs came out of some brush on the opposite side of the road. “They surrounded me in attack mode,” Brinkley recalls. “They started biting at my ankles. I started trying to flee, kicking them down the best I could. Each time I would turn away, they would bite. I do not know how long the struggle lasted. It was probably a distance of approximately 50 yards of running, hobbling, and falling in the middle of the road while they were on both legs.” As if in the midst of a nightmare from which he couldn’t awake, Brinkley tried to use his cell phone to summon help but, “the phone would not cooperate with me,” he remarks. He called out to anyone who could hear him, but no help arrived. That’s when he spotted a school bus at the home of Carolyn Nobles. “I was thinking, if i could make it there, I could jump on the bumper of the bus,” says Craig. “I jumped on the bus, but they were still after me.” Brinkley spotted the Nobles’ pickup in their yard, climbed in and the couple came outside. Carolyn Nobles called Craig’s wife, Monica, who rushed him to the emergency room. He was treated for 10 to 15 bites and puncture wounds on his legs, rear and back, as well as a sprained ankle and wrists. Stitches were required on his achilles tendon. “My wife has been an excellent nurse,” Brinkley remarks. “The dogs are supposed to be quarantined at their owner’s house. Due to the nature and circumstances of this, I have started a series of rabies shots just to make sure I do not get infected with rabies. I am grateful for the support of my church and community neighbors expressing their concern for me. We live in such a small community, it’s good to know that people still care about others’ well being.” After surviving this horrific incident, Brinkley feels strongly that animal control is a serious need in our area. “This could have had a terrible ending for me, but through the grace of God, I was able to fight them off and have a chance. A child or elderly person that walks around the lake may have not been so lucky,” he points out. “We need tougher laws and ordinances in residential areas to make people properly contain their animals. We should be able to walk freely in peace and not be bothered by vicious animals.”

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