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BREAKING NEWS – Crack Cocaine Arrest

The Blountstown Police Department netted one arrest following an undercover drug buy Monday night that resulted in a confidential informant being attacked. Amos Milton, 55, has been charged with delivery of a controlled substance (crack cocaine) and principal in the first degree to attempted robbery. According to the BPD, Lt. Timothy Partridge and Lt. Mark Mallory met a confidential source, supplied the source with $40 in marked bills, then wired the source with video and audio. The source then drove to an area off River Street known as “The Cut” where drug activity has been known to occur. Just after 6 p.m., the source made contact with Milton and asked about buying some crack cocaine. Milton told the source to pull up and wait. Within a minute, Milton approached the driver’s side window and poured two pieces of crack cocaine from a cup into the source’s hand. Before the source could hand over the cash to pay for the drugs, an unidentified black male wearing a white hoodie came from behind Milton and violently struck the source in the face through the window. The man tried to knock the source unconscious in an alleged attempt to commit robbery. The source managed to drive away and return to the secure location with investigators. The informant denied medical treatment. A warrant was issued for Milton’s arrest and he was apprehended Thursday. No word on the unknown male who allegedly assaulted the source. Milton remains in custody at the Calhoun County Jail on $20,000 bond.

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