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BMS 6th Grade Students Take Annual Walking Tour

Blountstown Middle School 6th grade class made their yearly walking tour along the Greenway Trail and visited several historical places in Blountstown. The group started at BMS and walked to the historical Calhoun County courthouse and was met by Sheriff David Tatum. He shared historical information with the class on the history of the old courthouse that was constructed in 1904. Students continued their tour to the M. & B. Train Depot, where Tony Shoemake gave the students a presentation on the history of the train’s services in Calhoun County and a tour of the M. & B. Depot Museum. The students arrived at Sam Atkins Park; where they were able to enjoy a relaxing and fun-filled time at the park. Every 6th grade student was given a history lesson on Calhoun County history before going on the walking tour. The lesson consisted of a powerpoint where students were able to see the development of Calhoun County from 1800 to about 1940. In this presentation, students developed a better understanding of how the Apalachicola River played an important role in the development of Calhoun County. The tour is supported by Mrs. Neva Miller, principal of BMS, she feels that it is very important that every 6th grade student is able to explore and collect our county history first hand.

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