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Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary Now Home For Two Bear Cubs

The Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary in Calhoun County operated by Betsy Knight is now the temporary home for two adorable bear cubs. Back in February, the newborn cubs were rescued by a wildlife officer during a wildfire along the Aucilla River. They were estimated at four weeks old and had been abandoned by their mother during the fire. The officer nearly ran over them with a piece of heavy equipment, but stopped just five feet before hitting them and heard their cries. He turned them over to Betsy at the Wildlife Sanctuary who is preparing them to return to the wild when they are big enough.

Betsy with the cubs.

Just this week, Betsy took in a one week old fawn. She also cares for two bald eagles who have been with her over 15 years. How You Can Help • Volunteer your time • Donate fresh fruit (berries, apples, etc.) • Donate goat milk • Donate a golf cart (Betsy has long hauls with heavy loads to feed the animals on the property and her golf cart has died!) If you can help in any way, call Betsy at 762-8685

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