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BHS salutes hard working custodians

BHS faculty, staff, and students are enjoying a much needed spring break this week and this certainly includes the BHS Custodians. We would like to pay tribute to this hard working and indispensable crew in our “Feature” article. This essential crew of four keeps the BHS campus, classrooms, media center, bathrooms, offices, lunchroom, gym, auditorium, and Hayes house cleaned, maintained, and ready for operation. First is Mrs. Brenda Williams who has worked here at BHS for 20 years! She has worked for numerous principals, met too many teachers to name, and has seen hundreds of students pass through these halls and classrooms. To her the best part of working here at school would be the students, faculty, and staff. Mrs. Williams graduated from Mayhaw High School and she lives in Blountstown with her husband Ronnie Williams. She has one daughter. She enjoys gardening, sewing, and the fishing on the big river. Her favorite book is I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and she enjoys listening to Jazz and Gospel music. Mrs. Williams is always ready to accommodate the teachers and their needs. She quietly brings a reliability and faithfulness to her job here at BHS. Next on the list is Mrs. Patsy Foreman. She has worked at this school for 14 years. Mrs. Foreman’s custodial duties include cleaning the main hall and you can come across her cleaning those twelve classrooms, four offices and colossal hallway from the early morning hours to well after the last bell has rung. If you don’t see her curly auburn hair, you most likely will hear her voice greeting students and teachers. Mrs. Foreman was the BHS Tiger Mascot for four years when she first started working in the school system. She also logged in many, many hours keeping the gate for football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and softball. She is married to Leon Foreman and they have 5 children and 11 grandchildren combined. Sewing, gardening, and all types of cooking are passions of hers. Her favorite book is The Bible. She listens to Country, Contemporary Gospel and Classic Rock music. Mrs. Foreman loves being part of the BHS family and we love her! Mr. Kenneth Hobbs is also a part of the crew. He has worked at BHS for 10 years and just smiles when you ask him if he has any stories to tell. He has seen BHS be a hurricane shelter, a “Bed and Breakfast” for hundreds of bikers, hosts a local political debate, numerous beauty pageants, and has seen Channel 13 on campus several times! Mr. Hobbs will clean and maintain everything and anything. He graduated from Liberty County and served in the Air Force during Vietnam. (Thank you Mr. Hobbs for you service to our country!) He lives in Blountstown with his wife Mary-Ellen. Combined, they have 10 children and 11 grandchildren and he enjoys having family time with them. Mr. Hobbs’ favorite music is Country and he likes to watch Texas Ranger re-runs. The Bible is his favorite book. What he likes most about working at BHS is the faculty and students and what we like most about him is his unexplained talent to fix, repair, or produce a much needed item on demand. Mr. James Cooper rounds out the crew and you can find him in all corners of the campus at any time of the day in all types of weather! He has worked here for 7 years and has witnessed droughts, floods, and almost snow on the BHS campus! Mr. Cooper graduated from Blountstown High and was on the State Championship football team in 1977! He was #90 and he played running back and wide out. Mr. Cooper is married to Rhonda Cooper and they have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. He likes to listens to Gospel music and watch sports on ESPN. His favorite book is the Bible. Once you locate him and can get him to turn the blower off, Mr. Cooper will tell you he truly enjoys his job and the people he works with. We appreciate Mr. Cooper and his essential place on the team! From the BHS family, thank you to this crew of four who keeps us beautiful, clean, and running smoothly! Have a great Spring Break!

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