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BHS has six lifters heading to State Meet

 The state composite qualifying list came out Monday. The Tigers had 6 lifters qualify for the State Meet this Saturday at the Lakeland Center down in Lakeland. 

By weight class in the 119 class was James Duncan, in the 129 class was Caisen Williams, in the 139 class was EJ Robinson, in the 238 class was Jimmy Shuler and Yanti Miller with Artavius Jones in the Unlimited class. 

Artavius Jones was our only region champion in the unlimited weight class which made him our only automatic qualifier. All the other lifters went into a pool and were selected by totals. There were 16 at large lifters selected for each weight class with the 4 region champions to make 20 lifters in each class. 

It will be a long day for some of the Tiger lifters as we have our prom Friday night and weigh ins begin at 5:00 AM CST. We will start the competition at 7:00 AM. Best of luck to all our lifters they have all put in a lot of work.GO TIGERS!!! 

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