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Arrests – August 2 2023

July 25
Lyndon Baines West – probation violation
July 26
Jeremiah Lee Wilson – VOP
July 27
Cody Allen Skipper –  convicted felon registration
Sherri Caroll – violation of conditional release
Ronald Dean – convicted felon registration
July 28
Jennifer Clark – violation of conditional release, failure to appear
Kathy Lock – non support of children or spouse
Earnest Dale McCardle – non support of children or spouse, larc/petit, 1st offense, larc/of credit card
Lillie Mae Pouncy – trespassing/structure or conveyance
July 29
Harry Lewis Patrick – out of county warrant
July 30
Shawn Boyd Willis –  convicted felon registration
July 23
Charlotte Critten (Calhoun) – reckless driving
Mary Jones (Tallahassee) – heroin traffic – 4 grams to under 30 kilos, introduction of contraband (State DOC)
Kaila Odeom (Calhoun) – possession of methamphetamie
July 24
Joseph Davis (Gulf Co) – lewd or lascivious act victim < 12 years of age offender 18 or older, by 18 years of age sex battery ictim under 17 years of age, false imprisonment
Diane Hodge (Calhoun) – possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug parapheralia
Brenda Sellers (Chipley) – failure to appear, violation of condition of pre-trail release
Melanie Tatum (Calhoun) – possession of methamphetamine
July 25
Jessica Williams (Bristol) – (2) counts of VOP
July 27
Michael Rhames (Bristol) – violation of probation, misdemeanor
July 28
Jordan Bailey (Bristol) – child abuse without great harm, trafficking in fetanyl (28 grams or more), trafficking in methamphamphetamine (over 200 grams), trafficking in cocaine, (28 grams to 200 grams), possess marijuana over 20 grams, possession of drug paraphernalia
Sherri Carroll (Calhoun) – violation of condition of pre-trial release
Jennifer Clark (Calhoun) – failure to appear
Sylvia Daniels (Hosford) – driving while license suspended with knowledge, possession of drug paraphernalia
Kathy Locke (Calhoun) – child support writ
Lillie Middlebrooks (Calhoun) – hold for Calhoun  Co.
James Vickers (Hosford) – domestic battery (bodily harm)

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