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Altha School’s Cross County Teams Compete

by Kimi Wiltse This past Saturday, Altha School’s boys and girls cross country teams competed in their first meet, the Lincoln Invitational, in Tallahassee. Coach Maggie Sewell stated that for the first meet, the boys and girls did very well. Some of them shaved several minutes off their personal best times. The top five finishers for the boys’ team were: Devin Ferrell: 22:06, Ashton Baggett: 22:22, Brett Floyd: 22:34, Tyler Hamilton: 24:41, and Porter Smith: 24:42. The girls’ team top five finishers were: Mary Sewell: 23:58, Hannah Plazarin: 26:47, Kimi Wiltse: 27:45, Becka Wiltse: 27:55, and Madison Rowe: 28:43. Their next meet will be this Saturday, September 26, at the Bay Invitational at 8:45 a.m.

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