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Altha School Receives New Sign Courtesy of Wildcat Club

By Albert Blackburn The days of climbing up the ladder and maneuvering plastic letters onto the old sign are over at Altha Public School thanks to the Wildcat Club. The Wildcat Club set out to improve the campus of Altha School, as well as bring some of the twenty first century to our town. Several community members have commented on how informative and enjoyable the new sign is, even if it’s just waiting to see the current time and temperature. All of the students, faculty, staff, would like to thank the Wildcat Club for the nice addition to our campus! If you would like to join the Wildcat Club, you can do so for a lower cost of only $100. This includes 2 passes to all regular season games sporting for the 2009-2010 school year. To join, call 762-3121. The old sign will now be moved to the back of the campus near the Commons Area where the Leadership Class will take over the job of putting up information for the students to help with our communication on campus.

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