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Altha Middle School A-Team Defeats MHS 9th Grade JV

By Coach Leanna Hall The Altha Middle School (A)Volleyball Team traveled to Marianna Thursday, Sept. 3, to face off against the MHS 9th grade JV team. The Altha A-Team is lead by returning players, MacKenzie May (8th grade), McKenzie Tanner (8th grade), Mary Sewell (7th grade), Emily Sewell (7th grade), and Brianna Yon (8th grade) who is currently out because of injury but is due to return next week. Joining this group for the first time are Morgan Lewis (8th grade), Carly Schwartz (8th grade), Hannah Register (7th grade) and Brooke Boggs (7th grade). After two games, 25-12 and 25-13, the Lady Cats were able to chalk up their first win of the season. Leading scorer for the match was Mary Sewell with 9 points followed by Boggs – 7 points, Emily Sewell – 5 points, Register – 4 points, Schwartz – 3 points and Lewis, May and Tanner each had 2 points. This group did an outstanding job. They were quick to correct their error and offered words of encouragement to their teammates. They displayed the true character of teamwork. The Altha Middle School B-Team is also looking forward to getting their season started next week. This group is lead by returning players, Madison Rowe (8th grade), Deana Griswold (8th grade), Elizabeth Bailey (7th grade), and Jenny Moore (7th grade). Joining this group for the first time are Brittany Graham (8th grade), Ashlyn Barfield (7th grade), Shelby Murphy (7th grade) and Aubree Bay (6th grade). These girls work great together. They are still a little timid, but have shown remarkable improvements. As the season progresses, I’m sure they will become more aggressive. We are looking forward to a productive season. Both teams traveled to Franklin County on Tuesday, September 8 (details unavailable at press time). They will be at Blountstown Middle School on Thursday, September 10, at 3 PM. Come out and support your Lady Cats!

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