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Altha lifters win 4 out of 10 weight classes in meet

By Coach Robbie Smith The Altha boys weightlifting team competed in a meet Feb. 27. Results are as follows: Blountstown-60 Altha-59 Wewa-37 Bristol-30 Port St. Joe-27 The Wildcats won four of 10 weight classes. Ronnie Tucker, Trevor Wriston, Caleb Chew, and Anthony Gratz all won their weight class at the meet. Ronnie Tucker had a 450 and Jordan Lawton had a 425, both in the 119 pound weight class. Last year, 435 won the state championship in the 119 weight class. The Wildcats traveled to Marianna on Monday to face the Bulldogs. Results will be in next week’s paper. Check us out at

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