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Alleged jewelry thief is jailed

A Bristol woman is facing some serious charges after allegedly stealing nearly $12,000 worth of jewelry from her housekeeping clients. Angella Dawn Wade, 38, was arrested Thursday on four counts each of burglary and grand theft. According to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, Wade had been performing housekeeping duties for four families, all of whom reported several pieces of jewelry missing over a two month period. Inv. Brian Bateman tracked the items, ranging from diamond rings to gold chains, to a jewelry store in Tallahassee. The store owner confirmed that Wade had sold numerous items to the store in late January that fit the description of the stolen jewelry. Wade was taken into custody Thursday and gave a recorded statement about multiple burglaries over the past few months. In one case, she said she stole jewelry out of a woman’s closet while she was housekeeping. Wade stated the other burglaries occurred when she entered the homes of housekeeping clients while the owners were away during the day or gone to church. Wade remained in custody at the Liberty County Jail at press time.

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