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Alleged drug dealer busted for pot sale

The Calhoun-Liberty Drug Task Force netted one arrest Thursday night. Dustin Matthew Freund, 22, of Jackson County, was charged with sale of marijuana. According to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, the task force utilized a confidential informant to arrange a controlled purchase of marijuana from Freund in the parking lot of a local bar. Around 8:30 p.m., CCSO Inv. Mark Mallory, BPD Inv. Tim Partridge, and LCSO Inv. Brian Bateman, met with the informant and supplied him with $140 in cash, wired him for sound, and drove him to the location. The investigators sat back and watched as a white Jeep pulled up with Freund inside, along with another man and two women. Freund left the vehicle and met with the informant, exchanging approximately an ounce of marijuana for the $140. Capt. Ken Futch and Dep. Nick Keller stopped the Jeep just north of John Redd Road and took Freund into custody. The driver of the vehicle, Kelli Pettis, was charged with driving with a suspended license. Both she and Freund were booked into the county jail.

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