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Agriculture teacher suspended following allegations

A Blountstown High School teacher has been suspended following student complaints. Ron Mears, the BHS agriculture teacher who has led the FFA chapter to national and state wins, is the subject of an investigation into “allegations of educator misconduct.” The specifics of what the students are alleging have not been released. Principal Duane Barber tells The County Record, “We had some allegations and, at this point, we’re in the middle of an investigation. [Mr. Mears] has been placed on administrative leave with pay until this has worked it’s course.” Barber says the law requires the Florida Department of Education (DOE) be notified anytime there are allegations so they can conduct an independent investigation. DOE representatives were expected on campus Friday. Superintendent Tommy McClellan advises it is a group of girls and one boy who have made the allegations. Mears, who was contacted by The County Record Monday, says he wishes he could comment, but is unable to speak about the case at this time. Students are talking plenty about the matter on the internet social networking site “Facebook” and one group has even set up a page extending their support for Mears. “Ron Mears is the best ag teacher there ever is and ever will be,” one student wrote. Another said, “He goes beyond his expectations as a teacher to see to the needs of each person individually if need be.” Back in 2007, Mears was a teacher in Lafayette County when he received a reprimand after giving a student lunch money and she complained he hugged her and called her “his girl.”

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