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4-H Goes Buggy with Forensic Entomology

How many insects have you eaten today? Mrs. Cathia Schmarje and the 4-H staff came to work July 29 and found that they had a Black Bear Murder Mystery to solve. Someone had left the remains for the 4-H youth to evaluate, observe and find out who killed the black bear. They observed the remains for three days watching insects come, go and stay while giving clues the whole time so they could solve the crime. While doing so they also investigated how some insects were beneficial to us and while others were nothing but pest. They also did experiments in the repellency lab with different kinds of oils, apples and crickets to determine if the oils were a repellant to see if the ones they used would drive away the crickets. During the 3 days they tasted and made many different snacks that looked liked insects but most of all their favorite appetizer of Day Camp was the delicious fried mealworms and mealworm chocolate chip cookies. These youth had a great time learning and having fun, if you would like to know more about Liberty County 4-H give us a call at 643-2229. We are looking for adult volunteers to lead club meetings throughout the year. So join us and make a child happy!

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